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Welcome to, where you can earn one to one credit each time a visitor sees an XLTraffic banner on your web site or home page. This program has been designed to enable every web site, regardless of its size, to participate in the rapidly expanding banner advertising network, and more importantly for the first time ever, have your ad shown elsewhere on the net each time you host an XLTraffic sponsored banner. This simple to use system allows you to upload your banner to our network for free. Then you simply copy and paste a small piece of html code into your web site page(s). Your own banner will be shown on our other members web sites. All banner ads are 468x60 like the one shown below.
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How does it work?

Simple! As soon as you have signed up, you'll be given some HTML code to insert into your website. Every time somebody visits your web page, our html code will display a banner on your site such as the one you see below. Every time a banner is displayed on your site, you'll earn one credit. For every credit your account earns, our system will display your banner on another members site. For instance, if your site displays 1000 banners, your XLTraffic account earns 1000 credits, and our system will display your banner 1000 times on other XLTraffic member's sites. Your credits will be spent automatically by our system, as long as you have submitted a banner that is approved for display on other member's sites. You are also allowed to insert the code into multiple pages of your website, increasing your credits even more when someone visits your site!
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